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I work as a Stationery and Moving buyer for a retail chain store called city'super. No this blog is not about my work but a lot more about my interest in pleasing objects and photography. You may think this is a dream job but let me tell you, the real work of being a buyer is entirely different from what you see and experience on this blog.

Wonder why there is the "moving" part in my job? That's a department name weird enough but I like it, it means trendy. And things that are trendy change and move all the time. This second department I manage handles toy cameras, photography, gadgets etc.

I'm proud of being able to steer these 2 departments at work to incorporate my personal interests (stationery and photography, again), they don't look like their original form anymore and I'm happy.

I'm not an expert in many of these things, but I love to explore and meet people with similar interests. I love to talk about the finer things in life. Used to do tap dancing too hahah.


calligraphy, craft, sketching, tarot, camera, photography, drawing, coffee, gtd, hobby, stationery